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Putting the VALUE back into VAR

Business is rapidly changing and the needs of your organization require a responsive, flexible and dedicated business partner. GigaNetworks' unique value in the Value Added Reseller market is that we provide organizations with world-class products and are actively involved in the pre-purchase and post-purchase process. Our highly engaged team provides GigaNetworks business partners with a go-to VAR supporting the purchase of what is commonly a complex solution.

One of the biggest challenges that companies regularly face is the need to modify, refresh or re-architect the IT technology. Without a doubt choosing the right partner to help successfully accomplish this task and make it happen properly, efficiently, and cost-effectively is an important decision. Companies may find themselves asking questions like:

  • Can I buy directly from the manufacturer?

  • Should I use the local reseller/integrator?

  • What guarantee do I have that I will get the best price and service for the best product?

  • What kind of support will I get and who will deliver support after I buy a security product?

  • Who will guide my organization through the configuration/implementation process?

These are some of questions that motivated the formation of GigaNetworks; in particular the lack of commitment that the typical VAR (valued added reseller) has traditionally delivered to the IT South Florida market. GigaNetworks takes very seriously the "added value" concept. When you choose GigaNetworks you are choosing a partner not only for the life of your project but also for the long-term IT needs of your company. We operate from our philosophy of a client-centric model in which having a satisfied customer is our number one priority. We accomplish this goal by making sure that we are fully involved from start to finish to ensure the success of the project as well as the satisfaction of the client. This is a process which starts by studying the client's current infrastructure, evaluating the client's short-term, medium-term and long term goals and cooperatively defining a solution which best solves the communicated objectives.

Before investing in technology, we assist with evaluations to cooperatively determine how the technology is going to meet the organization's goals. GigaNetworks, as a true VAR (with the emphasis on value) provides a comprehensive approach by having a close relationship with its clients. When you choose GigaNetworks you avoid the fragmentation that usually results from having different companies involved in completing your project. GigaNetworks will handle the entire project needs from evaluating the client's infrastructure, creating a customized solution based on current needs, providing recommendations, installation of hardware and ongoing complementary consultation and support. We take pride in the strong and lasting relationship and services that we provide to all our clients. But even more, GigaNetworks will take responsibility for 1) negotiating with the manufacturer to gain the best value, and 2) handling the paperwork involved in obtaining license agreements, renewals, maintenance and support agreements. GigaNetworks is your local resource delivering comprehensive IT needs.